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  Siemens Train  HART - BEAT  Stadler Train


  Hawaiian Area Rapid Transit  - Beautiful Excursion Aerial Transport

We like to build public awareness to the need of a cleaner transportation system for our  people and good’s. The knowledge of so many cars, excessive oil consumption, air pollution, traffic congestion and parking problems are an attestation.

  Sustainable Transit, Land use Consideration, and National Energy Security considerations are needed!

More so ever we must go forwards with a general new transit plan for our country - let us consider Light Rail and the, new and Electrified High Speed Rail "HSR" corridors for our country!           [Let us be America again and be Educated where - Problem-solving, Integrated Systems thinking and Public's Team work is a must]

General energy conservation is a must from now on forwards to sustain the economy!

From 4449    To   TGV-Ma we can do  TGV-prod

           60 mph average     180 mph HSR (High-Speed Rail)       and fabricate in the USA

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