Hydro Power



Tracks in to the future for our_2.pptx

10 Safety

12 Taxation

HART-BEAT pptx07/HART-BEAT_2007 pptx.pptx

14 Poetry

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 The Kauai Line = HART-BEAT pptx07/HART-BEAT_2007 pptx.

 The Oahu Line =  Oahu/O A H U OK-Line pptx. 07.pptx

 The Northwest HSR - Oregon Div. I-5/I-5 Tualatin Route_2007+.pptx

 And the - Washington Div.  OR-WA_3 2007 pptx/Washington Cascadia High-Speed Rail Built by Bombardier.pptx

  Anahola Kauai    AnaholaStadler 3   Stadler Train

Transportation - Communication

The stage coach                              The transcontinental railroad                         

An approach                                   A new probe

The pony expresses                         The telegraph

A way it was addressed                    A paragraph

An era                                             An era


The interstate                                  HART-BEAT

A new mate                                      Today's need

The telephone                                   Fiber optic today's topic

We got a poem                                  Energy conserving rail get us out of the oil jail

An era                                             An era

Rudy 1992

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