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THE NEED FOR CHANGE There is a significant change taking place in the world today; a change, which shows humanity moving away from old ways and embracing new ideas in the way one looks at the world and his or her place in it.

Vaclev Havel, the President of Czechoslovakia, while addressing a joint session of the United States Congress, in March of 1989, said, "We too can offer something to you: our experience and the knowledge that has come from it. The specific experience I'm talking about has given me one certainty: consciousness precedes being, and not the other way around, as the Marxists claim. Therefore, the salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness, and in human responsibility." These remarkable words reflect the change-taking place in man's consciousness, a change that was almost unthinkable a few years ago. Now, however, this change is leading the peoples of Earth toward a more responsible place in it.

People, please think about this approach: added 10/03/2005

"...In the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and in human responsibility." How are we to incorporate these thoughts in the challenge of deciding what path we should take to adjust in the Garden Isle's expanding tourist and resident population?

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The planners of  HART - BEAT believe part of the answer lies  in   a more gentleness approach to the environment as well as for the people.     

We must consider the methods of holding our growth. Man should finally begin to realize his impact on the ecosystem we call Earth. We must also expand this realization to consider what impact our growth has on to the human beings as well. To be sensitive to the needs of our environment, "the provider of life", and the needs of associate human beings is the essence of acquiring a high quality of life.

This approach is globally valid.

HART - BEAT is plan we believe will keep with the environmental integrity of Kauai.

HART - BEAT is a "Light-Rail" with spare power produced by solar and other renewable energy  technology, such as Bio-fuel, Biogas, Wind power, Ocean wave created electrical power and recyclable trash.

The planed line runs from Kilauea to Kekaha, perhaps all the way to the (base) PMR. Service to other areas  is via feeder Buses. 

But HART - BEAT is much more than a Light-Rail.

It is a head plan that considers new power transmission lines.

Fiber-optic telephone and communication trunk lines.

Potable water mains to transport water in any direction, to supply emergency water at any specific point.

Solar and other renewable domestic power sources.

Sewage lines, effluent water mains, possibly negative-pressure gas lines. (Perhaps methane from the sewage treatment plants as well as from landfills and or the anaerobic Biogas digesters to the incinerator and or steam production station),

Integrated and connecting bus service to the rail.

An aerial tramway at Waimea Canyon to Kokee.

In general: "Waste disposal, landfill, electricity production, traffic congestion, pollution, parking space availability and Agriculture. Plus, and how we can include the most valuable asset of the Kauai People, the Kauai People in the Isle’s planning for our future Generations to come!

We can no longer live in a reality which believes in one person to a car. Based on the belief that our natural resources are infinite in nature is illusion that cannot stand for the approach.

The world's natural resources, that is fossil oil reservoirs are finite in availability. Limited land is available in Kauai. An ever-expanding road brings with it more automobiles, and with it they're concentrated parking demands. In this we sacrifice the clean beauty of Kauai for this expansion. Eventually we will eat our land just as "Pac-Man" eats the dots. Nothing  left  when the dots are gone, there will be no new board to continue to play on. It is time we adjust to (and accept) the reality that these are finite. We must change our actions to mirror this reality.

The vision of the planners of HART - BEAT is to see Kauai become a living organism that helps to produce its own energy. We like to reduce the need for imported fuel sources to power our turbines and road cars;

We will arrive at the time, were we must address and deal with our own waste effective and efficiently. Also to not pollute our land with unnecessary landfill; and to no longer depend on polluting cars as our principle of transport. Therefore; we must reuse as much as possible, "both for industry and agriculture" Reuse to conserve the natural base of our island in general.  Connect the North Shore and the West Side with the right-of-way of the LIGHT-RAIL, BIKE-PATH and UTILITY CONDUITS.

The below shown cross section is in general terms only. I.e. Not shown is the drainage plane. We could install Geo-mats to collect the rainwater and possible pollutants from the roadbed area and direct them in to the drainage. Filter such water before the release to the creeks, rivers or ocean. Reduce intrusion of wet substrata and silt in to the ballast. Prolong the life span of the ballast before re-cleaning.


The proposed solution: In other words, let us become a single living entity, independent of as much outside support as possible. Therefore let us be a Community with the living organism dependent on itself and responsible for the existence of itself, those providing domestic jobs.

HART - BEAT is a plan which, we believe, will help promote improving the quality of life in Kauai. This will mean, transport quality, on time service, safety, dependency, guest oriented, production successfulness, and economical positive results. A plan for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability!

Consider the capital investment of the HART - BEAT idea with it's benefits, socioeconomic (social and economic) with the well-being of all of us people. This means  (Economics applied)

The era of the "COLOMBIAN" means and ways should finally be over, with its conquering and exploiting approaches. Let us look forward with a spirit of contribution from now on.

   The time for hope and domestic opportunity must be re-instated again in order to be a healthy society.

We must return to the ahupua‘a system again.

Shall we say,

Let's start tacking care of our own Country.

Omnis pio onus pluris - pluris onus pio Omnis!


We owe this to our Children.

E kiai oe i kau mau keiki

e pule me lakou ma ka hale